Actuaries our shop is not establishing the store, it has a use situation etc. asked by telephone.

※We are sorry.
We cannot speak English, So please call us with native speaker.
(If you can understand Japanese, Call us anytime)

・Please tell us your name and use place.
・Case1 Your house, Tell us your address.
・Case2 Hotel, Give us Hotel name, room number and the name of checked in Hotel.

※Please understand that, many business hotels are restricted for call-girl service, please double check with your hotel.
And we need make sure about exactly your staying, so we’ll call your room at first.
If we can’t confirmation that, you can’t make reservation then.

・Then you should choose the use time and course, also which girl do you like.
We will check the lady’s availability.

※We may not necessarily appoint a favorite woman.
Please understand the situation beforehand.

・When we get confirm the girl is available, after that, we will give you the estimated time of arrival , and the total cost.

※There are a few contexts from guide time told by girl's preparations and traffic circumstances, so please accept it.
We only accept Japanese yen at payment.

・Congratulations, you can get an appointment.
・The girl and staff will arrive at the specified location on the promised time.

※Please wait specified location at the promised time.
If we wouldn’t get response, it's sometimes canceled automatically.

・The staff will bring description for you about the rules and regulations, and I need get a signature from a memorandum, you make a girl enter the room.



  • 60minutes



  • 90minutes



  • 120minutes



  • Extend 10minutes







  • 3hours



  • 4hours



  • 5hours



  • 6hours





200,000yen ~ Consultation required


  • We only accept Japanese yen as payment (We do not accept credit cards.).
  • Illegal action such as sexual intercourse is prohibited.
  • No filming or recording! (Including mobile devices such as cell phone or tablets).
  • No drug use is allowed.
  • Do not threaten, act violent towards, or any do any other hateful acts towards the girl.
  • Do not leave the location of the session with the girl (By car, train, etc.).
  • If you use our services, please do not use a withheld phone number.
  • We refuse the service to the customer who is drunk, STD, or drug addict.
  • You cannot use our services if you have, or it seems you have any venereal diseases.
  • If your house or hotel room does not contain a shower, we will refuse your reservation.
  • If any third-party member is discovered the service will be terminated.
  • We will cancel your reservation, if we cannot keep in contact with you.
  • If our staff find you to be unsuitable or dangerous, you will not be able to make a reservation.
  • ※We are sorry.
    We cannot speak English, So please call us with native speaker.
    (If you can understand Japanese, Call us anytime)
  • ※If you do not abide by the above rules, we will stop the service immediately. also We cannot cash back in these case.
    If any actions that are found against the policies above compensation for loss and damage, medical expenses will be charged.
    We might ask to pay 100,000-1,000,000yen as a fine.
    If you have committed a serious crime, we will contact the police, and you will be banned from using our services in the future.